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Sheet Metal Fabrication for Military & Defense Industry


The military & defense industry depends on the production of custom sheet metal fabrication, such as parts and components, for armored vehicles and offensive weaponry. Due to the preciseness needed for these units to operate in high-efficiency situations, the “fabrication” or forming of metals must be completed to exact requirements prescribed by government entities and defense contractors.

Stanron Steel Specialties takes great pride in serving our nation’s defense warfighters. We provide military & defense sheet metal fabrication services to punch, bend, cut, or stamp the latest solutions with machinery that can create custom forgings, castings, and more for volumes of all sizes.

Our team is led by experts in developing metal products for the defense industry. From the initial conversations with our clients on designs, to the ideation, creation, and implementation of the product, we work with you through every engineering and development phase. Metal fabricating services must be in tune with the strict tolerances and intense demands the military & defense industry abides by. Our solutions meet those needs with high quality metal items derived from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.

Metal Parts for the Defense Industry

For generations, clients have leveraged our capabilities to receive the parts, components, and products they require. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped and modernized to produce a wide variety of sheet metal products for the defense industry, including unique items that require mechanical assembly, short or long run production, or laser cutting and computer numerical control (CNC) machining.

Stanron’s extensive selection of solutions include:

  • Specialty metal parts – From specialized coverings to shell casings, our equipment can produce unique metal parts that adhere to tolerances, meet specific contract requirements, and withstand high intensity use.
  • Metal components – Customize any sheet metal material to fit your application within the most highly-operational units, from warships to combat vehicles.
  • Precision metal products – Receive products with precise cuts from our machines, which include press brakes. You can also choose from metals with a variety of thicknesses.

Other premier products and services are also available, such as:

What Can You Expect from Stanron?

When you work with our team, you are investing in a long-lasting partnership with a company that believes in supporting your needs. Since 1972, we have supplied sheet metal fabrication solutions to military & defense specialists who rely on us so they can provide protection to our nation. A partnership with us means you will receive an efficient, cost-effective product. We are also continuing to modernize our processes everyday with resources that work hand-in-hand with ever-changing supply chain demands, price fluctuations, inventory needs, and many other challenges.

Stanron brings a professional level of expertise to every project, and we provide complete guidance to our government and contract partners. We are ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 certified with products, parts, and components that meet global standards and your precise metal specifications. From fast lead times, to consistent communication, we create lasting business relationships that clients continue to leverage, year over year.

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Innovation remains at the core of every military & defense solution we provide. Our team is consistently conceptualizing and producing new ideas to meet metal fabrication requirements. Talk with us about your needs and learn more about what we can provide. Contact us today to get started.