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Short Run Metal Stamping Services

Stanron delivers high-caliber parts and short lead times with a laser focus on quality.

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Short Run Metal Stamping Services

We invest in the best technology to meet your high demands for technical metal specialties. Our short-run metal stampings are ideal for prototypes. Bring your idea to life with our low-cost solutions and quick turnaround. 
To ensure the highest quality, we use the industry’s best laser cutters and punch presses, including:   
  • Lynx FL 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Strippit ST 1212 Hydraulic Thin Turret Punch Press
  • Strippit Global 20 CNC Hydraulic Thin Turret Punch Press


LYNX FL 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Cutter

This CNC laser cutter is extremely helpful in producing short prototyping runs. While historically, these types of machines took hours to set up and were designed for runs of 100 or more pieces, the LYNX FL 3015 is much more versatile. Metal prototypes are produced with this tool quickly and can efficiently manage smaller runs. This laser can be utilized with various metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloys, and brass.

LYNX FL 3015 Key Features

  • Works well with ferrous and nonferrous materials. 
  • IPG fiber laser source requires almost no maintenance.
  • 30% high wall plug efficiency.
  • High-quality Siemens CNC control and a drive system on board. 
  • Pallet changeover is automated for high-speed sheet loading and unloading (35 seconds). 
  • 2kW power fits sheet sizes up to 120’ x 60’ (3050 x 1525 mm).


lvd strippit st 1212 hydraulic thin turrent punch press

Strippit ST 1212 Hydraulic Thin Turret Punch Press

Metal Stamped Products

The ST 1212 is an extremely versatile, 20-ton CNC punch press specially designed to manage short-run production projects and precision short-run forming/punching applications. This machine is equipped with some unique features that significantly add to its high level of productivity.

Strippit ST 1212 Key Features 

  • Thin, flexible turret (29 stations) 
  • Up to 3 programmable auto index stations 
  • Increased capacity with indexable, multi-tool function 
  • Die holders with quick change feature 
  • Automatic ram stroke 
  • PC-controlled Fanuc CNC system 
  • Maximum hit rate: 360 HPM on a center of 25mm (0.984”) 
  • Maximum material thickness: 6.35mm (1/4”)


lvd strippit global 20 cnc thick turrent punch press

Strippit Global 20 CNC Hydraulic Thin Turret Punch Press

The Global 20 is a highly effective and time-proven thin turret punch press that can be used for various short-run production applications. The Global 20 is a highly reliable and precision thin turret punch press that can be utilized for short-run production.

Strippit Global 20 Key Features

  • 22 ton capacity
  • Thin turret tooling type
  • 30 station turret with 3 auto index stations
  • Maximum material thickness .250”
  • Maximum sheet size (w/repo) 50”x196”
  • Fanuc series 180i PC controlled system
  • Programmable, automated work clamps 
  • Can accommodate all special tools



High-Quality Workmanship

At Stanron Steel Specialties, you can always count on high-quality workmanship and best-in-class customer service. Our certifications include  ISO 9001:2015/ AS9100 Certified. Partner with Stanron for guaranteed quality in every part and project. Plus, custom solutions, competitive pricing, and the most experienced team in the Fort Lauderdale area. 

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Short Run Metal Stamping Project

Stanron Steel Specialties uses the LVD Strippit ST 1212 for a short run metal stamping project.

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