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Construction Sheet Metal Fabrication


The wealth that sheet metal fabrication provides to the world is unparalleled. This resource has played a major role in a wide variety of industries, with none more evident than construction. Initially beginning with the “Iron Age,” iron was used as the primary metal to build with. The combination of other elements to create carbon steel and the inclusion of additional metals like bronze, aluminum, and copper, eventually laid the groundwork for modern day construction materials. 

Today, construction sheet metal is the core material used around the world. It can be fabricated to fit a wide variety of purposes in the industry, including infrastructure elements that make up new buildings. Professional construction crews heavily rely on metal fabrication to erect beams, trusses, ladders, roofing, enclosures, framing, and more. The product is also a trusted solution for a variety of interior components, such as plumbing, conduit, and wall fasteners.

Stanron Steel Specialties is your trusted partner for custom sheet metal fabrication for the construction industry. From our state-of-the art laser cutting, to our design and engineering expertise, we manipulate and develop the sheet metal solutions you are looking for. 

Advantages of Sheet Metal Used in Construction

Our custom metal offerings include solutions that fit the precise metal products and metal components you need. Through decades of experience, we have found that clients can leverage the benefits of sheet metal in a wide variety of ways: 

  • Cost-effective – Sheet metal is a resource that is globally attainable and can be acquired at a relatively low-cost. It is also used in numerous applications, meaning excess materials from one project can be used across other parts of your business.
  • Lasting material – Sheet metal is strong and durable, meant to withstand extreme pressure. It is also corrosion resistant to outdoor elements such as water, sun, heat, and cold.
  • Lightweight – Sheet metal is easy to maneuver, store, transport, etc.
  • Adaptive – Sheet metal can be fabricated to the variety of your choice and it has the ability to be used in different production order sizes, with quick and efficient lead times.
  • Flexible – Sheet metal can be laser cut, punched, formed, sheared, and mechanically assembled to your exact specifications.
  • Repairable – Sheet metal damage is easy to fix.
  • Sustainable – Sheet metal is a recyclable material that does not directly harm the environment.

At Stanron, we work with you to provide construction sheet metal in a way that will help you solve your challenges so you can be efficient and productive with your projects.

What Can You Expect from Stanron?

Whether you need help coordinating shipments of sheet metal for the construction industry provider you manage, or if you are looking to find supplies at a better price point, Stanron can help.

Since 1972, our team has worked closely with construction companies to fulfill their sheet metal needs. From new medical complexes to home builds, our products, services, and solutions have been valuable assets to the projects our partners take on. 

We are experts in sheet metal fabrication, certified in ISO 9001:2015/ AS9100 procedures, providing global solutions that are engineered to the highest quality. Stanron will be there as your partner to work with time and time again, no matter the scale of your orders or the frequency in which you need them.

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Our team believes in continuing to innovate for every industry we serve, including construction. See why so many clients have worked with Stanron to complete construction projects. Contact us today to learn more and to begin your partnership with us!