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close up of steel cutting machine for sheet metal prototyping

Sheet Metal Prototyping Services

Sheet Metal Prototyping

Custom Metal Prototype Experience

Stanron Steel Specialties is your single source solution for all of your custom metal fabrication prototype needs. For over fifty years, we have specialized in creating the highest quality, short run metal stamping, custom metal prototypes for a wide range of industries and uses. No matter what kind of metal prototype part that you are looking for, we can create quality prototyping to your exacting standards and needs.

We can produce a fully functional prototype for you in as fast as 5 days. This means we need very little lead time to create your custom project. Create a prototype before switching to volume production.

Custom Metal Prototypes

Close Up of Steel Cutting Machine for Sheet Metal Prototyping

Our custom metal prototypes are extremely accurate representations of your design so that they can be evaluated in a variety of ways.

  • Functional Validation
  • Form Study
  • Visual Validation
  • Proof of Principle

Here is a partial list of the industries that we have been proud to serve during the past four decades.

We can work seamlessly with the following file formats.

  • PDF
  • MasterCam (STEP or IGES)
  • AutoCAD (DXF,DWG) CAD Files 

Parts up to 8’ x 4’ can be accommodated as well as thicknesses down to 0.002”.

In order to guarantee a superior level of quality and adherence to part specifications, Stanron uses proven calibrated measurement devices and can provide full AS9102B documentation for your custom metal prototype products. We use cutting edge machinery to manufacture prototypes in as fast as 5 days. We use our sheet metal stock to cost-effectively make our production runs ready for your prototyping needs. With many finishing options, let Stanron create a state of the art prototype for your business needs. 

Our extremely skilled and experienced craftsmen know the importance of producing high quality, metal prototype parts, tailor-fit to your specific needs. Please contact us to learn more about how we have been providing our customers with the finest sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal prototyping, and rapid prototype parts anywhere in the industry for over forty years. Request a quote from Stanron to get started on your next project. 

Turret Punch for Sheet Metal Prototyping

Contact Stanron for a free quote for your next project.